Welcome to the “Better Health Through Ayurveda” video series, your gateway to unlocking the holistic benefits of Ayurvedic wisdom. Join me, Manjula Paul, B.A.M.S, owner of Utrecht Ayurveda, as I guide you on this transformative journey.

My series is a comprehensive resource, covering everything from preventive Ayurvedic tips to the optimal utilization of beneficial Ayurvedic herbs. Gain a profound understanding of Ayurvedic principles, particularly the vital concept of doshic balance, a cornerstone of well-being.

The “Better Health Through Ayurveda” video series contains more than 50 episodes. Watch them all for curative insights from an Ayurvedic perspective, discovering powerful remedies for various health concerns. I’ll also provide in-depth explanations of Ayurvedic treatments to demystify their effectiveness.

As the seasons change, so can our doshic balance. Stay prepared with my seasonal tips, ensuring year-round harmony and health. These timeless teachings remain relevant and captivating year-round.

Let my series be your roadmap to improved health for both you and your family. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe to stay updated on this enriching journey toward better well-being.

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