Ayurvedic Consultations


Initial Consultation

€125/ 55 minutes
Your Initial Consultation begins with a thorough one-hour assessment of your present Doshic imbalances utilizing tools which are authentically known as Astavidha pareeksha, (eight folded examinations), of which pulse, tongue and eye analysis are the first and most significant. After making the appointment for your initial consultation, please download a Client Registration Form and the Doshic Balance Worksheet from our Downloads page, and bring it with you to expedite your paperwork upon arrival. In addition a personalized lifestyle is recommended that incorporates nutritional counseling, herbs, body therapies, skin care, aromatherapy, and exercise as well as daily and seasonal routines. This personal consultation is highly recommended to determine which therapies are best for each client.
Please avoid food or drinks two hours prior to your appointment for any consultation as these may influence our assessment.  Drinking water is fine. 
Bring a list of any medicines you are taking, and any lab or test results from recent doctor or hospital visits.

Follow Up Consultation

€70/ 25 minutes
This 30 minute Follow Up Consultation can be added onto the beginning of your session to monitor your progress and reevaluate your course of action. Modifications to diet, recommended herbal supplements, exercise and treatments are discussed and determined during this session. The Follow Up Consultation cannot be used to replace the Initial Consultation for first-time customers.
round Tongue analysis

Mini Consultation

€30/ up to 15 minutes
This brief Mini Consultation must be combined with a treatment and is not offered as a stand-alone option.  

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