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Add-on treatment only €30/ 15 minutes, €60/ 30 minutes (Utrecht).
Add-on treatment only €35/ 15 minutes, €70/ 30 minutes (Amsterdam*).

*Prices in Amsterdam are higher to offset higher business expenses.

Enhance Your Ayurvedic Experience with Taapana at Utrecht Ayurveda

Elevating Your Treatment with Taapana

Taapana is an exquisite add-on treatment that seamlessly complements therapies like Marma Therapy, Abyanga, or Shirodhara. Among our array of add-on options, Taapana stands as the most sought-after. This technique, inspired by Chinese medicine, introduces targeted heat into depleted Marma points, igniting a revitalizing flow of Prana or energy.

Harnessing the Power of Targeted Heat

Taapana's unique approach harnesses the power of targeted heat to rejuvenate Marma points. These vital energy centers play a crucial role in maintaining the body's harmony and balance. By applying precise heat to these points, Taapana rekindles the flow of Prana, ensuring that energy circulates freely.

Inducing Relaxation and Energy Flow

As Taapana warms the Nadis, the intricate energy channels of the body, it induces a profound sense of relaxation. The gentle heat facilitates the unrestricted flow of Prana throughout the treated area, promoting holistic well-being. Clients often describe this sensation as deeply soothing and revitalizing.

Customizing Your Ayurvedic Experience

At Utrecht Ayurveda, I understand the importance of a personalized approach to wellness.  I can recommend Taapana as an add-on treatment, tailored to enhance your existing Ayurvedic therapy. This customization ensures that you receive the most comprehensive and effective treatment for your specific needs.

Book Your Taapana Session Today

Elevate your Ayurvedic journey by incorporating Taapana at Utrecht Ayurveda. Our commitment to providing holistic well-being extends to every aspect of your treatment. Experience the enriching effects of Taapana as you rediscover balance and vitality.

Two Convenient Locations: Utrecht and Amsterdam

Conveniently, we offer Taapana sessions at both our Utrecht and Amsterdam locations. Book your Taapana session today and discover the transformative power of Ayurvedic healing with the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda at Utrecht Ayurveda.

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