Nabhi Basti

Add-on treatment only €60/ 30 minutes (Utrecht)
Add-on treatment only €70/ 30 minutes (Amsterdam*)

*Prices in Amsterdam are higher to offset higher business expenses.

Rediscover Digestive Wellness and Emotional Release with Nabhi Basti at Utrecht Ayurveda

Empowering Digestion and Absorption

Nabhi Basti stands as a potent therapy revered for its ability to enhance the digestive process. This Ayurvedic treatment acts as a catalyst, fortifying the digestive and absorption capabilities of the body. By nurturing the core of our well-being, Nabhi Basti contributes to optimal digestion, ensuring that nutrients are effectively assimilated.

Relief from Digestive Symptoms

One of the remarkable facets of Nabhi Basti is its efficacy in addressing various digestive symptoms. It offers relief from discomforts such as irritable bowel syndrome, flatulence, poor appetite, constipation, and abdominal discomfort. This holistic approach targets the root causes of these issues, promoting lasting well-being.

Emotional Release and Holistic Healing

Beyond its digestive benefits, Nabhi Basti has been recognized for its profound impact on emotional well-being. This therapy has the potential to facilitate the release of deeply seated emotions, offering a transformative journey towards emotional balance. It aligns with the Ayurvedic belief that emotional health is inseparable from physical health.

Experience the Power of Nabhi Basti

At Utrecht Ayurveda, we invite you to experience the remarkable benefits of Nabhi Basti. Our expert practitioners specialize in tailoring this treatment to your unique needs, ensuring a personalized and effective approach to digestive wellness and emotional release.

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Discover the transformative power of Nabhi Basti at Utrecht Ayurveda. By nurturing your core, you embark on a journey towards vibrant digestion, emotional balance, and holistic well-being.

Two Convenient Locations: Utrecht and Amsterdam

Conveniently, we offer Nabhi Basti sessions at both our Utrecht and Amsterdam locations. Book your Nabhi Basti session today and experience the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda at Utrecht Ayurveda, where inner balance is restored.

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