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“Better Health Through Ayurveda” Video Series- “Neem”

In this video you will learn all about Neem from an Ayurvedic perspective. Almost all parts of the Neem tree are medicinal, this video focusses just on the medicinal properties of the leaves. You’ll learn all about the specific benefits of the Neem leaves, and also a warning for those who should not use Neem.

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“Better Health Through Ayurveda” Video Series- “Skin Rashes”

Welcome to the Better Health Through Ayurveda video series. Every Wednesday in 2020 we release a new video about Ayurveda. In this video, Manjula Paul, B.A.M.S. of Utrecht Ayurveda in the Netherlands discusses five natural approaches to skin rashes so you can avoid ingesting more pharmaceutical chemicals in order to heal yourself. These approaches are…

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