Stress Relief and Health Maintenance



Stress is a major contributing factor to many chronic conditions and poor work performance.  It can also put unbearable strain on your relationships and family life.
Utrecht Ayurveda is offering a new program targeted at alleviating not only the symptoms of stress, but also a platform for recognizing and combatting the root causes of stress.  If you suffer from insomnia, back pain, teeth grinding, panic attacks, overwhelm, burnout, anxiety, or frequent headaches, then Utrecht Ayurveda would like to be your partner on the road to wellness.
The Stress Relief and Health Maintenance Program at Utrecht Ayurveda offers ways to recognize, reduce and manage stress.  The first step is to understand how stress is introduced into our lives, then can we begin to effectively manage it while alleviating the symptoms.

The Program:

I have been helping my clients deal with both the symptoms, and more importantly the root causes of their stress for over a decade.  I am now happy to combine all of my techniques into one targeted package to combat stress and offer lasting relief.  The program participation is designed to be month to month, with progress assessed at the end of each four week period.  In this program you will receive:
Initial Consultation
•Initiation video which describes Ayurveda and the program guidelines.
•Doshic balance worksheet
•Pre-Program Stress Questionnaire. Followed up by a monthly Stress Questionnaire, which we will chart and  interpret together.  These questionnaires are provided monthly for your duration in the program.
Physical Therapies (six hours per month). Types of Physical Therapies will be determined after the Initial Consultation, and are customized to each client.
•Daily checklist of suggested routines, including helpful yoga poses, meditation and breathing exercises. Also includes useful tips to integrate into your daily routine.
•Daily food intake journal including caffeine and sugar consumption.
•An extensive list of foods appropriate to your body type.
•Sleep journal
•Section of YouTube video links which we find informative on the subject of stress.
•Herbal recommendations based upon your Initial Consultation. (Herbs available by third party at additional cost).
•End of month follow up consultation with assessment of all data submitted by you from your journals and questionnaires.
Once enrolled in the program, you'll have access to our members only page where you can view our introductory video which briefly explains Ayurveda and the program guidelines.  All program downloads and program links are available from the member's page. 
When priced separately, the consultation and treatments would cost €870,00. The Stress Relief and Health Maintenance Program price is €850.00 VAT included.

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