Ayurvedic Consultations


Initial Consultation

€125/ 55 minutes
Your Initial Consultation begins with a thorough one-hour assessment of your present Doshic imbalances utilizing tools which are authentically known as Astavidha pareeksha, (eight folded examinations), of which pulse, tongue and eye analysis are the first and most significant. After making the appointment for your initial consultation, please download a Client Registration Form and the Doshic Balance Worksheet from our Downloads page, and bring it with you to expedite your paperwork upon arrival. In addition a personalized lifestyle is recommended that incorporates nutritional counseling, herbs, body therapies, skin care, aromatherapy, and exercise as well as daily and seasonal routines. This personal consultation is highly recommended to determine which therapies are best for each client.
Please avoid food or drinks two hours prior to your appointment for any consultation as these may influence our assessment.  Drinking water is fine. 
Bring a list of any medicines you are taking, and any lab or test results from recent doctor or hospital visits.

Follow Up Consultation

€70/ 25 minutes
This 30 minute Follow Up Consultation can be added onto the beginning of your session to monitor your progress and reevaluate your course of action. Modifications to diet, recommended herbal supplements, exercise and treatments are discussed and determined during this session. The Follow Up Consultation cannot be used to replace the Initial Consultation for first-time customers.
round Tongue analysis

Mini Consultation

€30/ up to 15 minutes
This brief Mini Consultation must be combined with a treatment and is not offered as a stand-alone option.  

Ayurvedic Treatments


Marma Therapy

€95/ 60 minutes, €135/ 90 minutes, €175/ 120  minutes
Marma points are the points or areas on the body where flesh, veins, arteries, tendons, bones and joints meet. There are 107 major Marma points in our bodies. Healing through Marma Therapy with essential oils and herbal oils, (custom selected according to one’s personal doshic makeup), affect the Chakras physical health, and balance of the doshas. During the session particular Marma (energy) points are stimulated with essential oils to clear up any blocked energy.


€95/ 60 minutes, €135/ 90 minutes, €175/ 120  minutes
Abhyanga is an oleation therapy which pours warm oil on the body to help promote the lymphatic system. The oils are custom prepared for the individual depending upon his or her doshic constitution The main function of the lymphatic system is to remove toxins from the body, and to carry nutrients to the cells. It is spread throughout the body, except in the brain, bone marrow and deep skeletal muscles. Abhyanga also helps to prevent physiological wear and tear as the oil lubricates and protects the tissues from loosened aama (toxins) while they are being discharged.

Shila Abhyanga

€120/ 60 minutes, €160/ 90 minutes, €190/ 120 minutes
Shila Abhyanga is a Ayurvedic Hot Stone Treatment which stimulates the circulatory system while it softens and relaxes muscles. It also helps to release toxins, induces a state of deep relaxation, and relieves pain and muscle spasms. Sessions involve the use of Ayurvedic herbal oils and the application of water-heated basalt stones of varying sizes to key points on the body, giving a deep massage and creating sensations of comfort and warmth. This indulgent massage is recommended for stress and stress related disorders, insomnia, aches & pains, Multiple Sclerosis, certain rheumatic conditions and Vata-related arthritis.
round champissage


€45/ 15 minutes, €60/ 30 minutes, €95/ 60 minutes
As the head is the seat of all of our sensory organs, Champissage provides you with a very relaxing and tranquil experience.  It is very effective in combatting migraines and sinus headaches, high blood pressure and insomnia.
This massage focusses on the marma points on the head, neck, shoulders, feet and palms.


Stand Alone Treatment €100/60, minutes, €120/ 75 minutes.  As an add-on treatment €70/ 45 minutes
Shirodhara is a seemingly subtle yet remarkably powerful therapy. The term is derived from two Sanskrit words; shiro- meaning “head,” and dhara which is “flow”. It is often referred to as the “massage of the soul”. In this therapy, warm, herbal oil is dripped from a copper vessel directly onto the center of the forehead from a specific distance. Shirodhara is particularly effective in combatting stress, high blood pressure, insomnia, tension headaches, anxiety and fatigue. Natural hormones are released which promotes feelings of pleasure and deep relaxation. The continuous rhythm and pressure created by the flow, combined with the warmth of the heated oil awakens the cognitive vision and wisdom of the third eye, leaving you with the sense of wellness and rejuvenation.


Stand Alone Treatment €100/60, minutes, €120/ 75 minutes.  As an add-on treatment €85/ 45 minutes
Takradhara is similar to Shirodhara but buttermilk is poured onto the forehead, instead of herbal oil. It is a favorite therapy for people who complain of migraines and other specific Pitta disorders, where cooling and refreshing therapies are recommended. 

Ayurvedic Reflexology

€45/ 15 minutes, €60/ 30 minutes, €75/ 45 minutes, €95/ 60 minutes
Ayurvedic Reflexology is incredibly effective due to the manipulation of the Marma points, which are considered as “distribution centers” in the body where Prana (life energy) is converted, regulated and stored for the use of the whole body and mind.  It remains a popular choice for clients as the feet are known to be the seat of the meridians with many nerve endings, neural receptors and Marma points. The goal for Ayurvedic Reflexology is to help balance the subtle energy systems of the body by supporting the efficient flow of vital energy called “prana”.  According to Ayurveda, the body (and mind) cannot remain healthy if the flow of prana is interrupted or sluggish.


First Day: €425, €375 for each additional day.
Long ago developed by Ayurvedic Scholars for the Indian Royalty, Panchakarma is a unique series of five Ayurvedic cleansing and strengthening treatments all performed together to rejuvenate the body and the mind. Today Panchakarma has become the most common practice in Ayurveda. Three hours of therapies are customized and formulated specifically for each individual, depending on their doshic status and overall body strength. Likely therapies typically include: Marma/ Abyanga, Udvarthana, Swedana, Nasya/ Netra Basti and Shirodhara. To rid the body of toxins, purgation and herbal enemas are used (in your home) after the physical treatments are completed.  
Before initiating and during the Panchakarma procedure, one must follow a simple prescribed dietary regimen to maximize the many benefits of the treatments. A post Panchakarma dietary regimen is suggested to ease you back into your daily routine.  Typically done once or twice annually, Panchakarma is commonly used as a preventative measure. It is often performed to rid the body of toxins, and to provide the opportunity to break poor dietary habits.

Add On Treatments

These treatments must be combined with other treatments

Round Moxa1


Add-on treatment only €30/ 15 minutes, €60/ 30 minutes
Typically Taapana is an add-on treatment combined with either Marma Therapy, Abyanga or Shirodhara. Taapana is our most popular add-on treatment. This technique is borrowed from Chinese medicine and is extremely useful for placing targeted heat into depleted Marma points, which triggers better flow of Prana (energy). This creates an extremely relaxing sensation as it warms the Nadis (energy channels) and allows the free flow of Prana to resume throughout the treated area.

Nasya & Karnapoorana

Add-on treatment only €60/ 30 minutes
The Nasya treatment offers natural relief from the harsh winter elements, congestion, and allergies. This is especially popular as the cold and dry weather sets in, or as spring and fall allergies become bothersome. The dry heat in our homes combined with the runny noses from the cold outdoor air leave our sinuses tender and raw. Nasya is very popular amongst people who seek to soothe these sensitive areas and seek to protect themselves from the congestion, allergies, and soreness that are attributed to the harsh winter elements. According to Ayurveda, our noses are considered the doorways to the brain and consciousness. Just as our Praana or life energy enters the body through our noses, using the nose to introduce herbal remedies can be most effective. Different herbal oils are used according to your doshic balance. No chemicals, no side effects, all natural.

Netra Basti

Add-on treatment only €60/ 30 minutes
Netra Basti is a very soothing and nourishing therapy which relieves tension in the eye muscles. Netra Basti is also popular amongst people who wish to remove dark circles under the eyes, and who wish to rejuvenate dry, puffy eyes. The Marma points around the eyes are stimulated by the gentle pressure and herbal oils. This increases the circulation of blood around the area, and helps increase the absorption of the herbs. A dam or well made of lentils and herbs is placed around each eye. Then medicated, organic ghee is slowly and gently poured into the eyes until the eyelashes are fully covered. The eyes are effectively bathed and washed with dosha-specific oil/ghee for a time period specifically set to your doshic constitution. The oil/ghee also works to condition and strengthen the eyelashes as well. 

Kati Basti

Add-on treatment only €60/ 30 minutes
Kati Basti is a very popular therapy amongst people who complain about back pain, stiffness, and other back concerns related to spinal disc problems. This treatment considerably increases the circulation in the region, as the medicated oil gets deeply absorbed into the skin, and both nourishes and strengthens the muscles and nerves. Medicated herbal oil is applied on the back, and the local Marma points are energized. Then a dam made of flour and herbs is placed on the lower back and warm oil is gently poured into it.

Nabhi Basti

Add-on treatment only €60/ 30 minutes
Nabhi Basti is powerful therapy which strengthens the power of digestion and absorption. It also relieves digestive symptoms such as irritable bowel, flatulence, poor appetite, constipation and abdominal discomfort. Nabhi Basti has been known to facilitate the release of deeply seated emotions.


Add-on treatment only €60/ 30 minutes
Udvarthana therapy is recommended for diseases like diabetic neuropathy, obesity, skin problems, sciatica, indigestion and sclerosis. By activating the nerves and increasing blood flow to the impaired parts of the body. Udvarthana improves skin tone and texture, exfoliates and rejuvenating your body and senses. Herbal powder is used, to energize blood circulation, drawing fresh prana (energy) to the surface of the skin. Udvarthana opens the circulatory channels, facilitates the metabolic activity and assisting in removing ama (toxin) from the body
Round swedana1


Add-on treatment only €60/ 30 minutes
An intensive steam therapy done with an customized herbal blend, which promotes sweating and detoxification. This ancient weight loss secret, that helps the body to cleanse the blood, detoxifies tissues and has been know to treat cellulitis along with muscle relaxation, Combine this Abhyanga or Udvarthanam, for complete purification. Dislodging Ama (toxins) from the body, and improving digestion.


Add-on treatment only €60/ 30 minutes, €30/ 15 minutes
Garshana is an add-on treatment to be combined with Marma Therapy, Abyanga, Shirodhara, or Reflexology.
Some of these techniques are borrowed from Chinese medicine and are extremely effective in treating migraines, and other chronic and deep-seated pain derived from Vata, Pitta, or Kapha imbalances.
Different tools are used for this treatment including silk gloves, Kansa (bronze) wands, polished Jade, Amethyst Rose quartz stones, and suction cups. 
Depending on the tools used, this treatment creates either warmth or coolness to the targeted areas.  Garshana also improves blood flow, which builds collagen, and helps to breakdown scar tissue on the skin and rid the body of ama (toxins).

Western Massage

Round Swedish massage

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is a combination of techniques that are designed to relax muscles by applying pressure to them against deeper muscles and bones, using long, broad strokes and short, specific strokes. Swedish Massage shortens recovery time from muscle strain by flushing toxins and bringing oxygenated blood to the areas being massaged without taxing the heart. It stretches ligaments and tendons, stimulates the skin and nervous system, and soothes nerves simultaneously. Swedish Massage reduces emotional and physical stress and is often suggested for stress management programs.
Round Myofascial

Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy

€95/ 60 minutes, €135/ 90 minutes, €175/ 120  minutes
Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy is a technique used for the relief of soft-tissue pain and dysfunction, also known as a Neuromuscular Technique. Myofascial trigger points represent small areas of tightness within muscles, creating tight bands and "knots" or tiny bumps from the contracted muscle fibers. Nerve impulses to these muscle fibers will not "shut off". The myofascial trigger points require manual intervention to facilitate release. *All trigger points cause discomfort when pressed; however, "active" trigger points frequently refer pain to other areas of the body. Pressure to an active trigger point will typically refer the sensation or symptoms to a distinct target area.
Round Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage

€95/ 60 minutes, €135/ 90 minutes, €175/ 120  minutes
Lymphatic Drainage massage stimulates the lymph system with extremely light, circular pumping movements. The lymph system doesn’t have it’s own pumping system, so toxins are moved from lymph system tissue by using this hands-on technique. Helps to drain puffy, swollen tissues, supporting the immune system and eliminating toxins.

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