Anxiety and Insomnia

An Ayurvedic approach

It is well established that sleep disruption or deprivation can elevate the risk for anxiety disorders. Insomnia can intensify and worsen the symptoms of anxiety, and prolong recovery. Anxiety is certainly a major contributor to disrupted sleep, which can lead to insomnia. While experiencing anxiety attacks may cause many people to feel exhausted or fatigued, it may also become harder to fall asleep during your normal cycles due to the overwhelming sense of worry or impending dread. When you add stress into the equation, this mixture of anxiety and insomnia can lead to burnout.

Ayurveda offers an extremely effective and holistic approach to both insomnia and anxiety.

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If you are suffering from either insomnia, anxiety, or both of these together, then Ayurveda may provide the relief you've been searching for.

Before your online consultation, you will need to download the Doshic Balance Worksheet from my downloads page and email that to me before your session. I will use this worksheet in combination with an online tongue and eye examination and a discussion of your current diet and lifestyle to determine your ideal doshic balance (Prakruthi), and your current state of doshic imbalances (Vikruthi). During your 55-minute online consultation,
we will work together to determine if using Ayurvedic herbs are appropriate for you, and offer you diet and lifestyle modifications to help you to alleviate your symptoms and modify your contributing behaviors.

Want to know more? Be sure to watch my videos on Insomnia and Burnout!

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The price for the 55-minute online consultation is €125. This also includes the preparation of your Ayurvedic regimen and lifestyle recommendations, and if applicable, my placing an herbal order on your behalf with a third-party supplier. You will receive the regimen and recommendations from me via email following the consultation. Note that the price of the consultation does not include any herbs, which are paid separately to a third party supplier.